The UC Davis Human Lactation Center is well-known for innovative training and continuing education opportunities for physicians, nurses, dietitians, lactation specialists, paraprofessionals, and other health care providers. Over the years, we have learned that it is important to accompany training with useful tools for professionals and paraprofessionals to use with their patients and clients. To achieve this goal, the HLC provides the following products available for purchase.
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NOW AVAILABLE! Secrets of Baby Behavior E-Book!

The Secrets of Baby Behavior book is now available as an E-book through! With the same great information and beautiful pictures as the paperback version, the E-book is a great alternative for parents who would like to purchase a copy for themselves or their friends and family! To learn more, visit and search “Secrets of Baby Behavior” or click here.

Secrets of Baby Behavior Booklet – Paperback version

Building on the success of the “Secrets of Baby Behavior” blog, this booklet provides concise, evidence-based messages for new parents about babies’ cues, crying, and sleep patterns. This fully referenced booklet is written at a 12th grade level with large engaging pictures and one topic per page. A newborn-specific section addresses many of the misconceptions about infants that may mislead parents into overfeeding their infants.

This booklet is perfect for use in hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical clinics and other environments where young families are served.

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7 Secrets of Baby Behavior – New Design, Same Great Information!

Are mothers in your care confused by their infants’ behavior? Do many of these mothers complain that they don’t have enough breast milk even though their babies are healthy and thriving? Do you hear that infant crying and waking are common reasons for using supplemental formula or giving up on breastfeeding?

From our work with WIC participants in the WIC Baby Behavior Study, we learned that some of the information used to help participants better understand their infants′ behavior can be useful for non-WIC families too. Our products, geared to a high school reading level, can help support your efforts to keep new moms breastfeeding and prevent overfeeding of infants by today’s confused parents.

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Independent Study Modules

Keeping up-to-date with the latest evidence-based information is a greater challenge than ever before.  The UC Davis Human Lactation Center staff has created self-paced PowerPoint learning modules intended to bring findings from cutting-edge research in lactation and maternal child nutrition directly to your computer screen. Learning while receiving continuing education credit has never been more convenient! Take a look at our growing library of original topics, including some that will challenge how you approach your work.

Independent Study Modules are not currently available.

All-in-One Training Kits

In today’s busy world, you may not have time to create the professional presentations that you need to effectively teach others in your community. The UC Davis Human Lactation Center staff has created innovative All-in-One Kits that include everything you need to provide unbiased, evidence-based continuing education to a range of participants, from peer counselors to medical providers.

We also have just what you need to fit in those much-needed trainings for even the busiest health care provider. Our 20-Minute Training Kits come complete with 3 modules, each only 20 minutes long. If you’ve had problems getting nurses or doctors to attend your trainings, try one of our kits—quick, objective, research-based topics might be just what they’re looking for!

Training kits are not currently available.


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