Here is what conference attendees have to say about us:

“Love your presentation, your knowledge and stamina!”

“Thank you!  I truly feel more confident teaching and counseling our WIC mothers with the information presented.”

“One of the best information conferences I have attended!”

“Very interesting and fantastic information which I WILL use for my moms at WIC”

“Learned a lot and will be changing some of my knowledge/beliefs regarding baby behavior cues.  Loved the class ideas and activities!”

“Thank you for this information.  I have long been an advocate of reading infant’s cues.  It is terrific that you have put it into such a user-friendly format.  The materials you have designed are marvelous.  I’m looking forward to using them with clients.  I’m sure the moms will love the handouts.”


Here is what people have to say about our products and blogs:

“This information is so important that it’s something that should come from the hospital at first when the baby is born, for every mom!”

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently awarded GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status to long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs), subsequently allowing infant formula manufacturers to add LC-PUFAs to infant formula. Given the controversy surrounding this decision and the subsequent action on the part formula manufacturers, maternal and child health care professionals will find the independent study module, The Role of Long-chain Fatty Acids in Infant Health, by Drs. Follett and Heinig and Ms. Ishii, an invaluable tool. The authors clearly present the science surrounding this complex issue, enabling health care professionals to assist families in making informed decisions. Both the benefits and the risks of supplementation are discussed.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great blog. I had my fourth baby almost six weeks ago, and of course I feel like a first time mom because every baby is different. The blog posts I have been reading about newborn behavior have reassured me that my baby is normal and that I am doing all that I can for him. It’s overwhelming to have another baby after having 3 already, and I am trying to be calm and relaxed, so thanks for the reassurance and tips.”


Here is what people have to say about working with the Human Lactation Center Staff:

“I very much appreciate the expertise that Dr. Heinig and her staff at the Human lactation Center provide to me and other public health professionals in the community setting. They consistently demonstrate integrity, a high sense of professionalism, diplomacy and pragmatic strategic thinking. All these attributes allow us to pursue our efforts to improve infant and maternal well-being through increased knowledge grounded in evidenced-based practices.”

“The Baby Behavior staff was very practical and took the time to understand the opportunities and challenges WIC agencies have. I wish I knew some of this information when my children were babies – and I definitely feel confident to share what I‘ve learned with our moms at WIC.”

“The training team was friendly and easy to work with. They related well to our staff and delivered the information in way that everyone was able to comprehend.”

“We needed to develop a strategic plan of action, bringing together as many community providers as possible. The expert guidance of Dr. Heinig and staff has moved us beyond politics and personalities and helped us to focus on the needs of the mothers and babies of Butte County.”


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